Out Of School Care Assistant Senior Supervisor

Grandview Terrace Child Care Society is looking for an experienced Out of School Care Assistant Senior Supervisor. This position requires a high energy, enthusiastic person with a positive attitude and a passion for supporting and advocating for children with a range of special needs within the program.

Roles & responsibilities

  • In collaboration with the Senior Supervisor, plans, assigns, and supervises the work of staff; Trains and evaluates volunteers and students

  • Welcomes new children and their families to the program;

    • Explains and interprets the philosophy, goals and objectives of the program to families and answers questions

    • Ensures enrollment information is in order, including medical, emergency information, dietary instructions and parental consent forms in compliance with statutory requirements such as licensing requirements

  • Schedules and conducts staff meetings to discuss, plan and assess the program’s goals and objectives and the organization’s policies and procedures; attends family conferences as required

  • Reports on progress, behaviours and other outstanding issues with the staff team; Contributes to reports for children moving on to elementary school; Maintains required records and statistics

  • Communicates any problem situations occurring between the Centre and any other facility or service provider to the Senior Supervisor and/or Child Care Program Coordinator

  • Communicates with families about children’s growth and development; Confers with parents with regard to unusual or problematic issues

  • Participates in short and long term planning and evaluation of programs offered by the organization; Provides recommendations for changes to the supervisor

  • Purchases snack and program supplies from petty cash fund, recording and submitting receipts; maintains and orders supplies within a prescribed budget

  • Assists the supervisor to maintain proper financial records keeping and accounting for program funds and fees

  • Plans, carries out and evaluates developmentally appropriate activities and experiences for children using modelling, observing, questioning, demonstrating and reinforcing techniques;

    • Develops daily program schedules to include indoor/outdoor, active/quiet and individual/group activities

  • Identifies the abilities, interests and needs of children and develops individualized and group curriculum based on these;

    • Recommends referrals or additional services or work in consultation with professionals such as behavioural and occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists

  • Attends to the children’s physical needs that may include diapering, toileting, eating and sleeping

  • Ensures a healthy and safe environment in which the children can interact;

    • Identifies and removes potential hazards and reports concerns to the Health and Safety Committee

  • Administers first aid and medication in accordance with established policy and Community Care Facility Licensing Board regulations

  • Is familiar with current licensing regulations, policies, and is responsible to implement them as directed

  • Behaves in a professional and ethical manner while on the job site and when representing the Centre at other locations

  • Works supportively and cooperatively as an effective team member

  • Performs other related duties as required

Most importantly, we need people who have a great attitude, are reliable, and are fantastic role models for our children.

Contact: Alejandra Uribe grandviewcc@shawbiz.ca